Enel Global Trading Spa 15th MEPX markets member

Enel Global Trading SpA, a company based in Rome, has successfully ended the registration process on Montenegrin power exchange market and became fifteenth MEPX market member, and eighth foreign member.

Enel Global Trading SpA is a division of Enel Group that acts as the Group’s sole interface in the wholesale energy market for electricity, gas and all other commodities, and is a direct product of Enel Group’s experience and expertise, currently boasting over 65000 employees worldwide. Enel has been the leading power producer and supplier in Italy since 1962, and today they are one of the leading global operators in the electricity sector and in generation from renewable sources. Enel is performing its activities on 5 continents and in 31 countries, employing a truly global perspective and using an approach that’s driven by innovation, sustainability and circularity. This company is active in all the wholesale energy commodity markets, both physical and financial, including those relating to power, gas, emissions, oil and many others. In accordance with the Group’s strategy, and within the constantly evolving technological context, they work to facilitate the energy transition process and the development of renewable energy sources through a continued focus on digitalization. Maximizing the Group’s energy profit margins is central to their mission, achieved by mitigating commodity-related risk through the management of an integrated global portfolio.

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