Our goal

The goal of MEPX is to fulfill the task that arose for Montenegro from a number of open issues in the field of energy within the Berlin Process, which required the formation and operation of a wholesale organized electricity market in Montenegro in the form of an electronic trading platform.

During the fulfillment of this task MEPX seeks to achieve the following:

  • To establish a company that will, with the implemented legislative acts harmonized with European and regional regulations on the domestic electricity market, provide a new, functional, competitive and transparent opportunity for electricity trading and management of the organized electricity market
  • To establish:
    • Day Ahead market – DAM
    • Intraday market – ID
    • Balancing energy market – BEM
    • Physical Futures market – PHF
  • To provide insight into market prices, realized quantities, as well as the number of members in the electricity market at all times in a transparent manner while maintaining professional neutrality and respect for the privacy rights of members.
  • To operate with the aim of market coupling in accordance with the legal framework and thus ensure the widest possible aspect of placement of supply and demand of the local market and by that fact alone, improve efficiency and competition.
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