Respect Energy - nineteenth MEPX markets member

Respect Energy S.A., a company based in Warsaw, has successfully completed the registration process on Montenegrin power exchange market and became nineteenth MEPX markets member, and twelfth member from abroad.

Respect Energy S.A. is one of the largest independent entities on the electricity market in Poland, with more than 10 years of market experience. Respect Energy, employing more than 400 people, cooperates with a group of more than 600 power generators in Poland, managing electricity from renewable energy sources only. As the only company in Poland selling only 100% green electricity, they offer their clients new quality, attractive conditions of cooperation and innovative solutions. Respect Energy supplies RES products to more than 15000 business customers, trading in 23 foreign markets. Main business activities of this company are repurchase of energy from renewable generators and its sale to end consumers (small, medium and large enterprises), as well as energy trading in the international markets, mainly in Europe. Respect Energy is also intensively expanding their own investment portfolio, carrying out projects for the construction and purchase of wind and photovoltaic farms. Since February 2020, they have been carrying a market maker status on the Polish Power Exchange.

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