BELEN is about to procure an electricity trading platform

Montenegrin Power Exchange (BELEN) launched today (Friday, 23 April 2021) the tender for selection of a service provider for the operation of day-ahead market in Montenegro. The deadline to submit offers to provide services to BELEN isĀ 26 May 2021.

Operationalisation of BELEN, including drafting of tender documents for selection of a service provider, was supported through the Technical Assistance to Connectivity in the Western Balkans, implemented by the Energy Community Secretariat and funded by the European Commission. The objective of this project was to facilitate the establishment of day-ahead market in Montenegro as a key precondition to enable coupling with neighbouring markets in line with the EU target model.

Focus of the procedure is on day-ahead market service via auction trading system. Software solution provided must be single day-ahead coupling compatible and market coupling ready and service provider must have access to the algorithm used to calculate electricity prices and energy allocation.

Given the fact that there is only a very limited number of potential service providers available on the market, this procedure is circulated in a very close group of potential partners, with the aim of collecting offers regarding the service needed and creating a competitive procedure.

With this announcement we are kindly asking all parties that find this opportunity of interest for them to contact us via email address so they could be included in the process.