Workshop on day ahead market in Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro - 6th April 2023

Montenegrin Power Exchange (MEPX) organized a workshop on new electricity market segment - day ahead market, that will be implemented and launched based on best practice of renowned European companies EPEX SPOT and BSP Southpool. The workshop, held live in Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, with the possibility of online attendance, provided all information on day ahead market, that is about to start operation on 26 April, and functionality of the platform to numerous interested parties, including regional power producers and traders.

During the workshop, MEPX presented the initial steps in foundation of power exchange in Montenegro, along with expectations for future and further development. In addition, platforms of EPEX SPOT and BSP Southpool were demonstrated, that will provide services for day ahead market and clearing and settlement system and thus support MEPX in this project. These platforms have shown its functionality based on best EU practice and standards, ensuring provision of professional and reliable highest-level service to MEPX.

EPEX SPOT is a European power exchange performing its activities on spot markets throughout Europe. It was founded in 2008 by French power exchange Powernext and German power exchange EEX. EPEX SPOT is covering many countries in Europe, including Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Serbia and United Kingdom.

BSP Southpool is a regional power exchange, active in South East Europe. It was founded in 2008 by ELES, Slovenian TSO, and EPEX SPOT.

Both companies provide services for trading on day ahead and intraday market, enabling market participants to buy and sell electricity for delivery on the next day or even the same day. Their common goal is to promote integration of European electricity markets, securing transparent, efficient and reliable price signals. Platforms are electronic and available to wide spectrum of market participants, including power producers, traders and consumers.

As one of the main conditions for closing the Chapter 15 - Energy, this means only the starting point for Montenegro on the route to establishing the competitive electricity market. The next steps include market coupling with at least one neighbouring market, with the possibility of introducing additional market segments in the future, such as intraday market, OTC and futures platform. The partnership between MEPX, EPEX SPOT and BSP Southpool will unequivocally ensure success and professionality of these future initiatives. As of now, 14 companies from Montenegro and abroad have shown interest to participate on Montenegrin power exchange market, with further interest of a number of companies to become members in the coming period.

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